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As trained copyeditors are limited and awareness regarding copyediting as a career choice is very low, the recruiters of copy editing companies are under immense pressure to hire the right candidate. corporate training  The candidates hired through advertisements and campus recruitment often find themselves to be unable to clear the benchmark cut-off of the recruitment process. Hence, no return on investment could be achieved. 
If you are a part of this story, we have a solution for you. We would like to extend our skilled and helping hand to train those who have fallen short of the qualifying marks in your recruitment tests. Our training will help them to emerge as successful candidates who can meet your standards. 
We also conduct copyediting training for newly recruited candidates in companies which do not have the bandwidth to train new employees and follow the buddy system. Such systems can be inefficient as the knowledge translation may not be uniform.
We can step in and conduct training programs after you have absorbed them either through campus or from the marketplace. We follow a customized training module that would suit your needs specifically and Career Development.


 The clients are very demanding. The expected quality output is very high. You just got a bad report from your client. You are at a very high risk of losing your business. Coupled with high attrition you have suffered a double whammy.

Under our copyediting training for corporates, we can train your copyediting, proofreading, and quality assurance team for a better output. We can co-create a training program with your inputs and train your existing team.

corporate Training


 Every year your HR team reaches out to potential college campuses to bring in fresh talents for your organization. You could have spent a lot of your precious time and energy in explaining to the students about the opportunity and market trends and in conducting screening tests. However, the number of students interested in your organization could be very less. This could be due to their lack of awareness about the publishing industry. 

We can step in to create awareness in colleges and conduct pre-hire testing. We can work alongside with your HR team to recruit potential student


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