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Book and Website Editing


We at Rehoboth help the authors to polish their work to near perfection at an affordable price. We are professionals offering book and website editing and proofreading services. While proofreading, we always make sure that the author’s own style is retained throughout the book. 

We provide fiction and non-fiction editing and proofreading. Our top-notch final product will help to make a greater impact with improved coherence, consistency and clarity. While copy editing/proofreading the books, we look for the following:

  • Spelling errors
  • Grammatical errors
  • Punctuation errors
  • Typographical errors and
  • Inconsistencies in details

 A professional editor, with a keen eye for detail can make your web content more appealing. A crisp and attractive product description is sure to boost sales. We offer high quality, professional website editing services, which can change the way clients look at your products.

1. Professional and industry specific web content editing services of highest quality.

2. We do more than just proofreading- We edit, rephrase or even rewrite the content if need be.

3. We make sure that the content can be easily optimized for SEO. 

4. Trained, expert copyeditors with editing experience across a variety of domains. 

5. We make sure you use the right words, which will ensure your website gets maximum hits.

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If you need our assistance in editing your books or website, kindly reach out to Mr. Joshua at +91 9731988227 or mail joshua@rehobothacademics.com